My Missing Puzzle Piece

When I look at her,
I see this puzzle with missing pieces.
I see all her pieces floating around her
But she can’t seem to put them in place,
Even the corner pieces.
I wonder if she’s lost a side piece along the way.
Her edges are jagged and they don’t quite fit
How they’re supposed to.
Almost as if she took other pieces from other puzzles
And tried to make them fit flush.
But it doesn’t work that way and she knows it.
The people in her puzzle are fragmented and fuzzy,
Almost as if she doesn’t want to remember them.

I want to help her.
I want to find her corner pieces.
I want to find those missing sides.
I want to fix those fuzzy faces.
I can reach out and help put them back.
And maybe with a little time,
She can put my puzzle back together.

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