My Mistake


I made a mistake
You see, I thought you would catch me when I fell
You give me all the tastes of Heaven
But you also drag me through Hell.

You break my heart
You make me cry
You cause me so much pain
When you sneak around and you lie.

Can’t you see
What you put me through
How you hurt me, tear me down
Leave me worried, broken too?

I know that I love you
More than you love me
I’ve known that all along
Its easy for anyone to see.

You don’t love me enough
To stop what you do
To put me first in your life
Like I always do you.

Sometimes I think you want me to quit
To walk away forever, to leave you alone
It's in the things you say
It's in the the things you show.

If I was smart
I’d turn and walk away
And not let you continue to hurt me
Not even for one more day.

But instead I stay
Hoping you’ll do what’s right
Hoping you’ll be you
And be worth the fight.

How can I leave
When all I want is to stay
To live the rest of my life with you
Each and every day?

Its not lack of courage
That continues to hold me here
Its not stupidity or desperation
And it's certainty not fear.

It's my unending love
Unconditional and true
I see the real man you are inside
That’s what keeps me here with you.

I take everything you throw at me
Every wild curve, every sharp, twisting bend
I’m holding on to us for dear life
Praying for the hurting to end.

I just wish you’d fight for me
Like I fight for you
Do what’s best for us
Not just whatever you want to.

But it's never going to happen is it?
I’m always going to be last
It's going to continue
Like it always has in the past.

You’ll do what you want
And not give a damn about me
You’ll push and push and push me away
Until you win and you make me leave.

Maybe that’s what you want
Maybe that’s what you need
Maybe I’m not right for you
Maybe you’re not right for me.

But it would be so hard to leave
Give up on the one I live my life for
To just say “Fuck it”
And head for the door.

But no matter what happens to us
If our relationships falls apart and ceases
I will still be loving you forever
Broken hearted but with every one of the pieces.

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