My Mom

She peaked out from depths of passion that filled her mind
Coursing through her own veins cursing her very own life
Eyes of wrath and tears of fury
Whipped out amidst all the chaos
Born out of her own misery

She stayed at her form
Drawn to the extent of weakness
That spectators assumed her strong
She watched as exhaustion wailed louder
Than her masked indifference

Had nobody the vision and ability to sense
That the depression fueled anger and indifference so intense
Yes she laughed yes she cried
Succumbed to the ruthless games of her mind
Styled in such perfection that it almost wounded her pride
Curbing her own existence and slaughtering her very own sources of delight

Depression or misery to name it so
An excuse for the failure of always wanting more
Success or happiness that never invaded her home
Cautiously built walls so devoid of hope
No she wasn't this how could she be
She cried out in agony
How could she be the cause of her own slavery
How was she the master who ruled it all
Was she the servant who bore it all

She wasn't this how could it be
She was supposed to be the only ruler the sole queen
Couldn't quite fathom what she had just seen
Lapsed back into the comfortable arms of her own misery

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