My Mom

I know that you watch over us
And lend a giving hand
And every choice you choose for one
Has reason in the end
So if I may apologize
If I offend you in anyway
But the truth be told; that woman's soul
I wasn't prepared to give away
I know I may sound selfish
And you took her with open arms
But I wasn't ready to give her up
Because she is my mom
She's the woman that's always been there
The one who's held me tight
The one who's wiped my tears from my face
Even after our little fights
She's the one that I love to laughed with
You can call her my best friend
She's a better listener then anyone
She kept my secrets till the end
She knows my heart along with my soul
And she thinks I'm truly brave
But this for truth, scares me to death
The thought of her forever away
I know every life has an endings
And with every ending a story is told
My Mother's will be Deep Devotion
One she'll carry, no matter the cause
My mom's every bit of truly amazing
With affection, warmth, and love
Her patients she held down with kindness
Forgiveness, she's found that in all
So every person who's ever known her
Has been blessed with memories
Of a petite redheaded women
Filled with Love and Generosity
So for me she could never be forgotten
No matter our time apart
For our bond remains forever
Stored deep within my heart
And I'm guided by the memories
Those I think of every day
And I pray she's truly happy
In Gods place she stays today
And the Love for her that's within my heart
Is where she always stays
Until that glorious day arrives
Where we shall meet again.....

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