My Mom, my Friend

She nurtures me and caresses,
She cherishes me and blesses.
I'm not the only one she looks after,
Yet her heart cracks for the two in laughter.

She feeds everyone to her bosom,
Pats my head like a flower in autumn.
She grew me from a girl to woman,
Formed half of my world and made me human.

Jess, my mother, you are a dearie,
Always hold me close like the cake holds cherry.
Never have I said thanks to you,
But noted them in prayers like drops of dew.

Let's grow old together and live our lives,
Like a bee queen that ponders on the beehives.
Our age is not just a number but a cycle to balance,
A friendship to glisten and glow the magnificence.

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Tags : mother, warmth, support, sport, love, caring, friend
Key Words : Friendship, Caress, Woman, Queen, Mother

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This Poems Story

Whenever I was asked who\'s my friend? I used to go blank staring cause I never had anyone, I could confide with. I always had my mom beside me and the most of my distress were seen by her...most of it. I didn\'t need any other friend since I had her beside me. This poem is to express my gratitude towards her.