My Momma

I like to take a little time
To write about beauty in a line
Pearline Vanessa Middleton was born 1/22/69
And everyday your light still shine
Since 7 years old, it's always been me and you
Struggling and learning together; we both grew
Vanessa was the first name I knew
But the title of Momma became so true
Seeing neighbors' very envious
Because we were really blessed
You always gave yourself less
Just so I could be fresh
Friends joked that we were "wife & husband"
Too smart and aware of how broke we been
Even if our relationship did descend,
We always found a way to make this mend
I'd hand out my lung to give you breath
If I could make time regress,
I'd take care of you again with no regrets
As mommas go, you were the best
So no matter what we went through,
I will always have love for you
Tears from writing this aren't sad or blue
But happiness for having a love this true
I will always miss you

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