My Monster

I'm a shell of a person and I'm watching myself crack
I scream out for help, as I try to conceal all the facts
But this cheap glue is peeling and I can't stand the feeling
It's like glass on the floor, that has shattered around me
And locked are these doors, but they're locks without keys
Windows around me, but this room is so dark
I'm trapt in my mind and it's falling apart
Memories of lies are roaming the halls
Images of violence are running down the walls
Drowning in tears that no one can see
As I sit in this display case you've set out for me
And the people throw stones as they sit on their glass thrones
And as my the blood runs out it only fuels their fire
If only they knew how the truth would crumble the empire
But the words are in hiding and they are running so scared
Because I myself am not fully prepared
To take away the masks and unveil all the scars
And finally face the monster you were and the one you still are.

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