my mother

With every change in weather,
I hold my mother .
Please calm down my baby
There is nothing to bother

She's a little old but not too weak to hold,
She is my power to a 100x of fold,
Loving her is not a task its a habit,
She is the reason I never quit,
She is like lets give a life ,fight together,
And keep calm my baby there is nothing to bother.

Whenever I had a fall ,
She stand about me as a building huge and tall,
She dared to the problems to touch her baby,
Which was small afraid nervous and soby,
She gaved me the wings with the toughest feather,
Keep calm my baby there is nothing to bother.

How can I step back whenever she needs me,
When she was always there when life steeps me,
How could I refuse to be her stick when she is older,
Don't worry mom I have separate space for you in my heart's folder,
I promise you to choose you instead of any lover either,
You was one to say keep calm baby there is nothing to bother.

In every step of my life,
You are more my mother than a wife,
You love me like no one else does,
Even when I was irritating as a buzz,
You just saved me from to be slaughter,
When I have you I don't need to bother

As I was weak in every little things I cried,
But you never gave up on me and always tried,
When everything was so wrong,
You still held me strong,
Am I ? Really am I even supposed to ignore that either,
When you was one to tell not to bother

How much my mind will forget and how much will it regret,
Still she was near me when the night was too late,
I saw her sitting next to me with everytime when I open my eye,
Partially sleeping mom with no shy,
Should I forget the night with shiver,
But you was near me and nothing was to bother.

I saw her eyes when she left me in the hostel,
Bold shinny looking boldly at her crystal,
that last hug I can still feel with same pain,
But she didn't even shatter a drop because it was my gain,
By keeping her hands on my shoulder,
Everything will be ok there is nothing to bother.

Still only thing I miss was my mom,
Without her my House would never have become home,
Let me stay forever in your shadow,

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