My Mother _A Blessing

Someone call her maa someone amaa
Someone ammi n someone mummy
Don't make her hurt she also feels
she's like us she is not a dummy
Before us she wakes after us she takes
For our little smile everything possible she makes
In summer when light goes her hand becomes fan
She herself walk on foot but provided us van
She takes umbrella for us in rains
Is it that she's waterproof or doesn't get stains
For us there is nothing left which she has not done
Just remember do we have ever think about her only one
Forget about rest and see for our one smile she can make east west
She's is not our servant but she performs her best
For nine months she protects us in her womb
She is the same dear who taught us how to comb
Lets feel her pain if we have some sense
We all know nine days unthankful guest makes us how much tense
Forget about months in few days we want to make him die
Every mother tolerates pain that's why her status in comparison to God is high
When we are in awaken in problem she is unable to sleep
We will find one day not ocean but her love is more deep
Realise her efforts as early as possible , time is hurrily going
And remember we have to reap in future today whatever we are sowing
Why we always remember her neglecting
How much corrupted we are , only our side we are judging
There is reason for her every decision
To celebrate mother's doing there is no season
We have to put ourself in her shoes
If we want to find reason behind her does
Want freedom from her don't forget she feed us
Why we are escaping from her she need us
We all are not bad then why in modern society mothers are sad
Those who are orphan ask them they tell us how much we are glad
They are jealous from us, not because they are bad
Its only because a precious gift of god they don't but we had.

From kajal thakur

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