My Mother Commited Homocide

My mother committed suicide
and she didn't even ask me if I cared.
She didn't even give me a chance
to care.
My mother committed suicide
and the crazy thing about it is
my father doesn't even know.
I've been waiting on him to show the signs,
but it's impossible. Improbable. Unstoppable.
I couldn't stop her, for I could only watch her and pray
that she would stop, for one second and think about me.
My mother committed suicide and
I was there.
The last time she looked in the mirror,
I was there.
The second before she swallowed the pills,
rubbing her hands together to see how they felt,
I was there.
Looking in her palms before she raised them to her lips,
I was there.
And when her stomach felt upset 30 seconds later,
I was there
A seed, an egg, unborn and waiting to be released
hoping she would think about me.
But she didn't.
When my mother committed suicide.

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