My Mother Is an Angel

My Mother is someone I've never known
Pictures is all I've ever been shown
I heard she died when I was just a baby
But then everyone clams up and looks shady
You know I've always felt my Mommy being around me
I've even seen her in dreams telling me things, she's so pretty
They say you know, that she did love me so
Why did she have to let me go?
My other Mommy and Daddy I do Love them for real
It's just the woman whom gave birth to me, now how do I feel?
Their being so vague I don't understand
I thought I heard them say she died at the hands of another man
I guess it doesn't matter it's what God wants to do
Whatever happened has happened it's not for me to pursue
I just wish I could have known her and loved her and told her so
I heard I made her very happy with her life and then she had to go
Mommy, Mommy up in Heaven I know you watch over me
I love you so much Mommy I know you can see.....Serenity

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