My Mother’s Child

My Mother gave birth to a sunbeam in a dark place.
My Mother carried her little baby girl through thick forests at dusk,
Gave her tools to carve herself from the hardwood,
Taught her how to seal cracks
and how to keep the water out when the rain set in.
My Mother showed me heaving, writhing roads
that stretched past the horizon.
My Mother left kisses across my forehead,
Each one sending me off, Each one begging me not to let go,
But I off I went. My Mother, there are vipers out here.
These demons, these ghosts, they follow me in pairs.
My shadow shudders and grows behind me;
The inky black of the future puts its hands over my eyes
and whispers into my ear,
"You have to decide. You must know your future.
You're falling behind. Sink, sink, sink."
But my mother built me buoyant.
I have no map beyond the pricks of light that dance around the moon.
I have no sails, no oars, no rudders to steer me-
But when the tide comes in strong
and the waves hide the shore from my line of sight,
I'm still the sunbeam my mother bore.
This heart of prisms casts rainbows across the sky,
Ringing with echoes of a voice I've always heard inside me,
Singing, "I will never abandon you.
Take your flight baby bird. Let your rainbows dance."
And suddenly, the demons, the ghosts, they don't grip me anymore.
The future doesn't have to be scary,
and there are no wrong choices.After all, I am my mother's child.

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