My Mystery Land

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago,
Before magic only happened in fairy tales-
The ole' days where creatures roamed, and
Mankind was the only mystery.
The bee didn't sting, nor did the birds travel south.
Crickets made no sound, but could hop through the universe.
A place where there's no reflection, only oxygen
To breathe. The grass grew and the trees had holes
Where the creatures slept all through the night. No
Hibernation was needed, for there was enough to
Eat and drink and plenty of time to sleep.
The wind's breeze didn't freeze, nor did the sun melt anything.
Fire was only for warmth, as water was for drinking.
Pixie dust spread around; it falls from the sky, not used to fly.
This is my mystery land from in my dreams. no one will know
The secrets that lie inside, but only the logic of what was told.

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