My Name Is MaKayla

My name is MaKayla
I go by Kay.
I like food
And I don’t like to stay.
In places where I feel judged or misplaced.
Defined solely by my race,
Or even body shape.
My body is mine,
So don’t waste your time
Or Breath
Telling me what I could do.
Please move to the left.
In my best Beyonce voice
You're the best thing
I’ve never had
Or heard.
Do you even understand my words
Or are you so distracted
By my God given curves?
Yes they exist.
No they are not fake.
God protect these people for their own sake,
Because I'm known for my attitude.
Don’t you dare underestimate
The sweet little smile you see on my face.
I can be mean
And as vicious as a snake.
But once again my name is Kay,
And you're worrying too much about me.
That is why I do not like to stay.

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