My Nellie

My Nellie

My Nellie is a Toy Poodle. She is cream colored. Pure white poodles cost a little more. So, I just buy whitening shampoo, and like magic; she’s snow white. Included with her purchase was immunizations, puppy food, and training pads. So, I paid a little less for the whole caboodle.
Mom and I picked her out together. Nellie had a sister, but we chose Nellie because her sister drew away when we picked her up. Nellie was the runt and light as a feather.
Right away we took her to the vet. When asked what her name was, I replied, “Nellie”. And mom and I laughed when we saw her name in print because it read ‘Nellie Kelley’. I said to mom, “I guess we have a new addition to the family”. And mom said, “Her first name rhymes with our last name. Isn’t that funny”? What a precious memory; and one I won’t forget.
Nellie hated it when we would leave her at home alone. She would get angry and vengeful, and tear things up. We would come home and see the remnants. At those times, we just referred to her as ‘Hurricane Nellie’. With that name she became well known.
Nellie is greedy. She takes toys and bones from other dogs; even big dogs. Nellie just don’t care. She isn’t scared. If they try to take them back she will attack and most will run, even big dogs. When in trouble, she has an advantage because she is speedy.
It may not sound like it, but Nellie is very sweet. Okay, well, maybe sweet and sour. Okay, well, maybe bipolar. But, she’s the best companion. She’s my little friend. She’s never boring. You never know what she’s going to do next. Most of her antics are an entertaining treat.

Deborah L. Kelley
February 8, 2014

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