My Neurosurgeon Is Corrupting Me

Pull me into your head
If I'm thinking about you, you should reciprocate the same nature of thoughts
I haven't fallen in love with you yet, I'm simply thinking about you
So I'm not asking you to fall in love with me
I'm asking you to think about me
Check the difference in my credentials
I don't have to be naked or outspoken
We both know introverts look attractive
I have a separate identity in a separate category
I'm no introvert; I'm no nuisance
I'm too huge for neither; I am me
I am the authority you should notice and absorb into your head
Insert my image into your head
I'm giving you the permission
Who thought about who first? I thought about you first; I'm the authority here
Don't you perceive our chemistry?
A dazzling pronunciation of "Biochemistry"
Would make Magistracy the standard for illiteracy
Illiteracy to you would be a life without me; I am your school
I attended school; I earned school
Now that I've become your school
Read me; learn me; draw me; study me
Immerse me in your dictionary
The latter would be me anyways
Your mission would be me anyways
Graduation would be me in all your ways
Emasculation would be a break-up with me
Smarten up your cart and ride me in your yard
Think about me, come on, potential-baby, think about me
Complain about my height, cause it's too spectacular for you
See this booty; what are you waiting for?
Don't touch it; think
I detest perverts; I deserve thoughtful converts
Think about my finger-nails
Things so little as finger-nails
So brutal as sharp nail extensions
They wouldn't hurt you, cause you wouldn't be touching them
You would be thinking, my potential-baby, you would be thinking
Don't insult my offer,
Don't waste my interest,
Don't think about my distress,
Think about my mattress

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A Patient seducing a Doctor. Now that's iconic. This poem is exclusive to the Author of "I Call My Sexuality My God: My Shampoo and My Watermelon Juice": Victoria Ifeolu.