My Night

The sun rises in the sky, just like any other,
But today it hurts, its rays piercing through my body without a care.
I long for you now, Night.
You hid us away under your cloak of darkness,
Together we were safe, free.
The Night played with me; protected me, needed me.
With the Night I had my thrill, my fill of ecstasy,
Being with you was better than I ever dreamed.
The Night, my Night, you were so definite, so strong.
I couldn't resist though, my friend,
The noises you made and the emotions you revealed within me,
I have ingrained in my head, in my heart.
But now the sun is up, showing this for what it was.
I can't seem to hide from it, like you're hiding from me,
Trying to escape my lustful grip now.
Well Night, it was good while it lasted, but now you'll only ever be
A nice thought, a memory for me to think of.
We'll never be the same again the Night, my Night.

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