My Night Time Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep lord hear my prayer and please keep,
He is haunted by something I just cannot see,
Just a little boy to young to tell me
Wish I could help God i need to know,
What can i do he is troubled so.
I have felt helpless before a lot in my life,
I have made it through so much trouble and strife,
but never did I think I would feel this way,
Trying to help the one I love most make it through another day.
The pain in his eyes, the fear in his voice,
knowing that i have to help, but which is the choice?
Are the words he is speaking to me the truth,
or is it deeper i have to find the roots.
Scared for him, scared for myself,
memories of my own unleashing I've kept hidden on a shelf.
Do I talk to him about mine? Would that make him feel better,
or would it become something neither of us could whether?
God what is right? That is all I want to do!
Somebody, somewhere please give me a clue!
My little boy, my love, my world,
laying there amongst his blankets curled.
Please don't let any nightmares come tonight.
Let him sleep soundly til mornings light.
Let me be the mother this miracle deserves,
and let me know how to make all the bad things defer.

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