My Nothingness

That’s how I feel right now,
I have been driven to the point that I wish suicide was an option.
Every day is a struggle,
It’s easier to say I’m okay than to say I’m not,
It’s not like anybody cares,
The person who used to listen is fed up with me.
My demons are trying to take over,
And my walls are crumbling,
Nobody wants me to be happy,
When I smile, I’m judged,
When I frown, I’m judged,
When will this torture end?
I am so lonely,
Each wound is deeper than the next,
Becoming numb was my only option;
But now it just blows up in my face.
Nobody understands me,
Not even my own Parents.
I give my all when I love
But Everyone seems to take it for Granted,
So, I try not to love at all.
All in All;
I have decided to accept the emptiness in my soul,
At least the emptiness is the only thing I know that won’t leave me.

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