My Odyssey

The leaves fall,
Marked in blue calypso.
Cursed, twilight, dawn,
The leaves fall.
The epidemic is her heart.
Broken, shattered, tainted.
Is it my fault I’m in Ogygia?
The land of fallen heroes?
I wish it were a land a part
Of your dreams and hopes for me,
Not a stranded raft in a bottomless stream.
I’m a dreamer destined to stay awake.
Without you, my world shouldn’t exist,
Even for god sake.
What can a nymph do in an office building?
What can a woman love without the birth of a man?
Where can I run if I’m paralyzed from the waste down?
Bring Calypso and have her release me.
I am destined for more than the Lotus offer me.
I face leaves falling in the iris blue sky like hail.
I risk my dreams by not slumbering.
I risk your heart with every step I take.
I pray you catch me as I hold you.
I pray you see the best reflection of yourself in me.
I pray you live forever.

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