My Other Half

The moment I gazed across your beauty,
I felt a sense of wonder and desire.
My heart melted when the twinkling of your eye emerged to my sight;
I couldn't stop imagining a future of love and compassion between us.
After some time passes,
You gave me an opportunity to prove our connection.
The keyhole to our souls unlock as we let each other in,
And true love grows like the pulchritudinous white lotus.
Memories began to strengthen our bond,
As we surpassed every quandary that crossed our path.
Thinking back to every milestone we've accomplished;
Certainty of knowing you are the one I'll cherish forever luxuriate.
Today I pronounce to always treasure our fondness for one another,
To respect and honor you until my last breath of life.
Destiny will unfold the truth of how fate brought us together;
Our spirits shall become one for the rest of eternity.

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