My Own Enemy

One more time you put that needle in your veins just trying to escape the pain
Not realizing chasing this dragon will put you in an early grave
Things right now are not the way they should be
So, you slowly enter blissful apathy
It all seemed so easy just picking up the pipe
But why am I still up after 6 long nights?
This master is sneaky he takes lives in a glance
I mean look at yours you stood no chance
Now you have lost all control of your mind body and soul
How can it be a smile once so pretty and now all you’re left with is rotting teeth?
You became weak and popping these pills became easy like candy
Never once have you found love and bliss in a place so handy
When you’re under my power you have no will
The high only last 6 minutes but still long enough to kill
You’re a fine white powder often smell like coffee
The watercolors when I kiss you I can’t get them off me
Now tell me is this you?
Do you feel as if there were only a few?
My mind is racing heart is pacing I’m on top of the world but still feel alone
When you’re high like me you don’t realize how much the numbers have grown
But just this last time I said
Then three days later in the paper I read...
Was that last 6 seconds worth losing one of your own?

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