My Own Jericho

You tore them down
So fast it did astound
In the open I was left
While you made off with the considerable theft
I built them sturdy and strong
But, oh, god, how I was wrong
They didn't crash but slowly crumbled
As after you I stumbled
I was hurt and broken
Your smile, a not so small token
I still am, but now alone
Please just throw me somesort of a bone
What did I ever do?
To be so cruelly trated by you?
I thought you were filling in the cracks
Instead you blew them apart leaving nothing behind but your tracks
And now in the ruins I stand
trying to piece it all back together by hand
Its hard to know where each piece ought to be
In the completely labeled picture of me
My ducktape patch work won't hold for long
Hopefully, it'll be enough for one final song
Something nice to take me to my curtain call
Where of course I will stall
And then I'll take my final bow
Where I'll wonder "Where did it all go wrong, and how?"

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