My Own Personal Prison

I am trapped inside my own personal prison,
And realized it only after the steel bars already arisen.
I never thought I would be behind so many bars,
Through my tiny window I can see light from the sun, moon, and stars.
Every night I make the same exact wish on the stars up above,
I wish that I will be rescued by my soul mate, my one true love.
I don't know who my soulmate is, but I know he's somewhere out there,
Hopefully, he will find me and prove that life is not always unfair.
All day long I sit in this tiny, cold, dark cell of mine,
Trying to gain the courage to face my fears before I am out of time.
These bars were placed around me to force me to overcome my fears,
But I don't even have the strength to fight depression or my tears.
Once I am at peace these bars will disappear and I will be free,
Free from my prison and all the darkness that I see.
I will then live the life I want to lead,
And be the person I've always wanted to be.

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