My pain

My heartbreaks to know that nobody wants you
I want you dear my unborn baby
I want to hold you in my hands
I want to embrace every moment with you
The feeling of love
Yes I did this out of stupidity
But I don't regret having you
Your daddy denied you
Not that he doesn't love you
But he was too sacred to risk it
I too my baby ,,,the fear is too much
I love you but just having the thot
How will I give you a good world
Every time I hear ur kick in my tummy
The feeling of a mother excites
My family denied me becz of the shame
But can shame overtake a human
I love you my baby
I'm in pain to know that nobody
Loves you like I do
If any unkind thinking comes
May death not only take you
But both of us
Our bond is so strong
I won't let people's view change me
A mistake learnt is a correction made
Tears flow from my heart

That moment she heard a voice coming from
Her belly saying " if I make you feel ashamed then
Erase me ,,if I make you feel less a Lady remove m
But before that just know I cant wait to be out of this
I want to be the one to kiss you ...
Mommy I love you please don't erase me from this world

Tears are still flowing ,,,my unborn baby just had the first

@ ivysandrachiworeka0611

For the young mothers and unborn babies
Stop abortion ####1

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