My Pain

The pain follows me where ever I go.
How do I stop it? I do not know
Sometimes it's mild, steady and calm.
It strikes without warning, a ticking time bomb.
Frantically running, desperate to hide.
Thrashing and fighting to stay alive.
A sickening thrill it gets from its games.
It has no remorse and gets pleasure from pain.
The wounds unbearable, as they tear inside.
If I can still bleed, I know I'm alive.
The cold face of evil stares me in the eyes.
Loving the torture, he wants me to die.
I scream in terror to drown out his laugh.
Nothing can save me from the evil wrath.
Trapped in this hell without an escape.
Living a nightmare through anger and hate.
Exhausted and weak, I collapse to my knees.
I pray for the Lord to hear my pleas.
As the evil whispers tear me apart,
Suddenly the Lord speaks to my heart.
He says He loves me and He will never leave.
He casts away the evil and sets my spirit free.
He will make me whole again and never let me go.
I finally found love, and I do not feel alone.

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