My Papa My Hero

My Papa , My Hero,
Tell me, why did you go?
Neither a hint , Nor a clue,
Tell me , did you know ?
Without you life has withered,
All worldly pleasures bittered;
I find myself alone in the crowd,
Now whom shall I make proud?
You taught me a lot ,
While you were alive;
You have taught even more,
Now that you are no more.
Many words as a child ,
I have learnt and read;
But now have understood,
The real meaning of death.
At times , I wish to withdraw,
But...Your vision,Your faith..
Provokes me to get up,
And strive for my dream.
Yes! I will fight, achieve,
Never prove you wrong,
Carrying your love,
In my heart along!
But.. Papa tell me , why did you go?

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