My passing grief

Leave me be that I may soon find resolve one day from this heavy
burden that enjoys squeezing every teardrop from these very eyes,
my once love affair now but a mourning grief while unable to
distinguish between my once sense of purpose, my long gone bright
future tomorrows left under the care of this familiar shadow of past
times, and I bound by my own chosen reclusion, to endure this awful
loud sonnet like song that has the melody of a graveyard orchestra
playing havoc with my lingering sanity, like some form of sedating
moment, while often tackling this lousy infliction stemming from my
own foolishness, and now my eyes are heavy laden with years of
solemn, but having a most peculiar testament in me wanting to share
this with the rest of the world, my voice like the scattering wind hoping
to reach someone like me out there.

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The teaching of one's heartbreak