My Passionate Love Never Dimmed

I love you
The words I whispered the moment I became your wife
I love you
The word I choked out the moment you almost took my life
You've payed your price
An angel sent from Christ, to deliver me a message
You've payed your price
Shattered legs for your sorrow
A loss arm for your disappointment
And a nonworking voice for your rage
Am I ever unfaithful?
Ever have I caused you any pain?
Now lay in bed, I, paralyzed and nonworking
Your trust weakened, and so did your ability to spot deception
May I never escape your grip and remorseful eyes
To never touch the shining light
Set a drift my purpose the day I was broken by your very hands
My ability to speak words of love to you, lost
No longer can I wrap my arms around you, so you find another
I am completely useless, but still you keep me chained
She will never hold your heart the way I do
When the time comes, and you finally realize the truth
The fact that I can't do anything
Unchain me with the knife I use the cook your meals
At last give me my wings
The light of which my heart deserves

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