My Penance

My penance is to die alone
For sins I bear, I must atone
My life now spirals down and down
I thought real love was what I’d found
Yet nothing seems to go my way
I try and try, and even pray
But still I fail this one endeavor
My fragile heart has now been severed
Cut from its perch, it falls to ground
No quiet whimper, nor muffled sound
For no one hears my poignant pleas
Contrition brings me to my knees
Forgiveness for a past transgression
Instead I’m taught a painful lesson
I should have never walked away
And no apology that I say
Will ever make up for that time
We reunited but her mind
Never felt the same of me
I’m just a hurtful memory
The pain I’ve caused in the time since
She found the grass, beyond the fence
She came back and I thought I could
Show her that our love was good
But now she pulls away and I,
Know no matter what I try
No matter what I do or say,
I’ll watch her turn and walk away.
And never shall my love I share
The curse is mine alone to bear
My future is already known
My penance is to die alone.

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