My Pepsi girl

Yes, I do remember, though I admit having my vague moments, my once apple of my
eye, the love of my life. The one I chose to be my forever bride. And now I write to you this
one love song in absence of your unknown whereabouts. That it might nonetheless bring
closure to this one dark chapter forty years long ago. The reason for this one verse with
you in mind since not able in finding you during all this loss of precious time. My haunting
rendition. My longing restitution. The ending towards this grieving application written
with all the tenderness of a sorrowful spirit. My victory sonnet from a weeping heart,
with the hopeful ending of this long awaited curse, that it may bring me sunshine rather
than in reverse. My needful exit from this ancient bitter like ghost of mine hounding
me during my tribunal of tribulation. My freedom from this old torched wound since
having robbed me of all my many lost smiles during those cloudy days of mine. For now,
I am okay, so long as I dare not give access to this relic like diary of mine of long ago
times. My final proclamation from this graveyard of my own self-persecution.

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