My perception

I wont be their toiled docile bondsman,
let the alarms ring, I hear them often,
what you see as real, I see as fake,
a life of settling down, for me, would be a giant mistake,
so I'll press the limits and push the buttons,
control the actions, relieve the suffering,
cant be leashed or ever contained,
I hear the whispers, I laugh at the claims,
speak your assumptions at massive luncheons,
follow the heard by the masters you serve,
for I live in silence, cause this is my teacher,
away from the chatter where life is seen clearer,
You call it an image, in which to uphold,
I call it an atrocity that you do what your told,
never questioning the words on the television that rots,
regurgitating the fluff from political crackpots,
I know that I'm different, and that I don't fit in,
see my intelligence and vision will make your head spin,
they say you must play the game, Yet theres no way to win,
I see things much differently,
for my perception is formed within

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