My Perfect Girl

By Rexx   

Twas the night light so bright
Twinkle in your eyes within my sight
O how beautiful was the stars
Stars that had that shine
Perfect setting under the moonlight
We chose to dine
Oh my oh my in that dress you were so mighty damn fine.

It was the night we decided to go out
I was shaking and scared
Even though this love I tried never ever to doubt
With all of me
With all of my heart I wanted to shout
I love you
Baby without you it feels like a drought

I thought to take you to a fancy dinner
Like in the movies
But you chose my cooking, oh how I felt like a winner
There was something special about you
I really couldn’t say
But maybe our first dinner would help me find a way
Not tomorrow no no it needed to be said today.

In my car we went up the mountainside
Reclined seat, food, the view, and you
Is this heaven? It feels so amazingly in heaven as if I Died
We laughed, we cried but most importantly you ate like a beast
One bite two bites three, four bites, five
Like monster you devoured the feast
A girl like you, in love I’m ready to dive

You made it perfect with that kiss
A perfect night that could not be ruined
Is this nirvana it feels like eternal bliss

In happiness I chose to open my eyes
With a blur vision. Only to see
My pillow and blanket wrapped around me
I laughed and sighed yet my heart longs, oh yes it cries
Dream come back tomorrow don’t step don’t you dare flea

Afterwards, I’m reminiscing in glee
Imagination soars , it has wings, it flies
And of course dreams are free
But the question therein lies
My Perfect Girl, My Perfect Girl where are you? Where can you be?

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A dream about the perfect girl