My Personal Glue

Walking a mile in my shoes,
Might be hard
Weighed down by glue.

The glue isn’t made in a big dark factory,
But in the back of my long lost memory.

I am weighed down every minute every hour,
I’m better off alone in a tall lonely tower.

People say, It’s not that bad,
But don’t see when I’m alone, shaking and sad.

I have an invisible disability,
But that doesn’t mean
I should be cloaked in invisibility.

I will live everyday of my life,
Surrounded by sorrow and long bitter strife.

It will take courage for that I know,
To walk through the wet sleet and snow.

I will fight for myself and fight for those,
And everyone who really knows

Just what it’s like to live with anxiety,
And fight against a righteous society.

Those who think mental trauma is not that serious,
Don’t know how much courage it takes not to seem delirious.

When you are fighting yourself inside your head,
And don’t even want to leave your bed.

You feel all alone inside of your mind,
Like you have committed a terrible crime.

On your best days, still riddled with panic attacks,
But still have to search through grocery store racks.

I still have to live my life, and not show my fears
I just don’t want to end up with so many tears.

I want to be courageous and be brave
But it is just so hard when my mind misbehaves.
Living with anxiety will not be my legacy,
I will show what I have left of me.

I will show all my strongest parts,
My brain, my faith and even my heart.

I will not be defined by the state of my health,
But will show everyone my true blue self.

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