My Pesky Friend

You landed on my coffee cup; you landed on the chair,
You landed on my shoulder, now I know not where,
Did you go, my pesky friend, I’ve looked here and there;
Suddenly you appeared again, flying swiftly through the air.

I see you in the hallway, I see you on the wall,
I see you on the ceiling; as you quickly appeared to fall,
Onto the floor, my pesky friend, now I don’t see you at all;
It took a minute to realized, that you are really quite small.

I’m sure you have a desire, I’m sure you have a need,
I’m sure you’re on a mission, to find some place to feed,
Within my house, my pesky friend, however you will not succeed;
For the thought of you imposing, leaves no choice but to intercede.

I’ve opened up the windows; I’ve open up the doors,
To tempt your senses with fragrances that cannot be ignored
No reason to worry, my pesky friend, the chase will be no more;
For on the outside, you will find, more food than you can store.

Written By: Sarita A. Milliner © 12/27/15

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