My Phone Can Read My Mind

My phone can read my mind
I think that’s why I keep losing it
It keeps showing me ads for cameras
It knows I’ve been having trouble seeing reality.

When I was seven years old I wrote an 8 chapter book about a princess that only wrote in colors.
I didn’t know that that was called painting
She didn’t know anything about her kingdom because she only saw her castle and all her colors.
I spent the rest of my life wishing I was her.

I wish I could plug my headphones into my heart and just listen to it beat.
There is nothing better than the sound of being alive.
I see in oranges and speak in purples and listen in the brightest of yellows.
This world around me so colorful and vibrant, I don’t know why I can only think in shades of blue.

I have so, so much trouble seeing reality.
On friday I bought a camera.
I walked around all day, photographing my pink kingdom.
All my film developed blue.
I don’t know what my phone will read anymore
Since I’ve so clearly lost my mind.

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