My Place Was a Mess

My Mother decided to just drop on by,
My house was a mess and so to was I,
She bought me a few groceries to my surprise,
But my place was a mess and so to was I.

She looked around and shook her wee head,
"What a disgrace, just look at this place"!
What was I to do, but smile and let out a whimper,
I would have asked her for dinner,
If she had not thought I was a complete sinner.

I quickly picked up, though it was just not enough,
My Mother already saw the piles of dirt and dust.
I asked her for tea, but in horror was she,
She gave a frown, turning her noes way down,
Heck, I was not even out of my night gown.

I thought to make an excuse, to make up a down right lie,
I thought to laugh it off, or even pretend that I had died,
I could say that it was not really me,
"who made this big mess that you see"

I could just say that I tried my very best,
My place was such a mess, it was of no use; to make any excuse,
I had to admit it, there was no other way, I had to confess,
I just failed the Mother drop by test.

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