My Pledge

Humans are social beings that crave emotional relationships
I am a human and I crave contact and emotional relationships
but how can I when you won't deign to hear my voice
You say, I'm a child, that I know nothing
and I know that I don't know everything
but making mistakes and learning, that's what makes a person.

You shouldn't be my mentor or my teacher, but my support system,
the person God specifically created just to pick me up when I fall
You're the one who should hold my hand
but not to pull me along through life, with me trailing behind you
When, not if, I stumble, your hand can be the balance
and one day, I will be that balance for someone else
A little person who will love me just as much as I should love you

I won't hold her back, I'll have learned from your mistakes
and I'll know that a restraining hand is not a safety net
and I'll know that barring her mouth won't keep her mind silent
she'll overflow with questions that I may be unable to answer but
the values that'll be instilled in her at a young age will help her
and they'll take her places that I may never have imagined
she'll never contemplate the worth of her life in a harmful way
in ways that you have made me contemplate mine
I swear that no matter what part of me the cracks under your words
My reason to live and to keep going will be that little girl
And I pledge that every day, I'll tell her she's my reason for life

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