My Poem

This is a poem about a poem, wherever my thoughts shall rome.
I write it down with my own tone of voice, my own choice.
A poem is how I get my freedom, my own kingdom.
It's where I make the laws and write down all my flaws.
A poem is how I get away as my life goes on by the day.
Should I write about heaven or hell, or both?
I'll make the rules and you can ring the bell.
A poem is my zone, where my thoughts are no longer stone.
They are free to go out and about.
My thoughts on this page I can finally shout.
Poems are my savior, with a hint of my own personal flavor.
I don't have to worry about my behavior as my pencil hits the page.
My poems could but about love, rage,
someone I hate, or someone I appreciate.
A poem is my answer to society's cancer.
A poem is a poem, where my thoughts will always rome.

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