My Prayer of Hope

As I face this day with much to do and burdens in my heart
I have no choice but to look to you and ask you where to start
You lead me to the riverbank and listen to my fears
While my heart pours out what burdens me you capture every tear
Remind me God of your promises and who I am in you
Whisper to my shaking heart and tell me what to do
Be still you say and trust my plan, remember I don't lie
Then you tell me what to pray for as I look up to the sky
I hear your voice and trusting you I fall down to my knees
Handing you my doubts and fears while taking back your peace
Help me, God, to everyday remember who you are
You're the one who made me perfectly and the desires in my heart
Help me trust you'll guide my steps each and every day
And help me keep my eyes on you and not to run away

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This Poems Story

This poem was written from a true moment just like its words portray. Most of my writings are inspired by my intimate talks with Jesus or they are words from my life song. I pray my words would always be used as a source of encouragement. This poem also represents a time in which I took a great leap of faith as it's the first piece I have ever submitted. It's dedicated to my children, Richie and Dustin Seltzer and Samantha Jennings, my dad, Mike Van Dyke, and my soulmate, Tim Gilliam. But to God be all the Glory--amen!