My Pride

It hurts my heart to know my pride hates my mother
The very sight of her, The power of this woman
To control my pride the way it does
Limited capabilities to even do what I want
My pride is everything to me
But means nothing to her
My pride is my ambition, my drive for respect
Respect that I never will get
I feel as if my heart is forced to agree with my pride
And treat her with hate
Hate that would be unforgivable in any predicted scenarios
I love my Mother
But she hurts the only thing I have worth value
Leaving me helpless at her presence
I cry at the thought of a sweet revenge
Knowing it's possible
I'm stuck contemplating a pleasurable escape
But nothing comes to mind that wouldn't
Leave the thought of rage in her to come out.
My pride, When will she respect my pride?
Her daughter, her only daughter
Has hatred thoughts brought upon by her own insecurities
I wouldn't possibly be able to aid in
My pride, I feel it slipping away with every tear I shed
That hurtful thought of losing
What promotes my existence; And how I exit.
Her flaws became mine in the most unfair manner,
My pride vs. My Heart
Mom, Respect my pride, It's all I have left.

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