My Problem

Life is a deception caused by misconception.
We're inclined for mistakes
But are not prepared for the consequences at stake.
We try to be strong and hide behind a mask
But on the inside we are broken like glass

When the ones you trust the most lie and cheat
You feel betrayed you feel incomplete
Jealousy, anger, confusion, and sadness engulf your world,
It attracts you like a magnet, you can't run from the madness

The lies are like a river flowing from each side of the bank.
You can't swim but you try, you want to breath but you slowly die.
You knew your mistake you knew what you were doing,

But like all foolish men you were consumed with delusion
No one to trust no one to turn to
You hide the pain although it burns you
You try to heal you try to recuperate
But as beauty killed the beast your heart no longer continues to beat

Your a wandering soul with a stiff eye
Its okay to cry, its okay to cry
Soon this pain will slowly die
And then you won't live in a lie

You'll start fresh you'll start anew
Let's hope this time it'll all be true
And maybe just maybe you can forgive the ones who hurt you!

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