My Promise To You

My promise to you
I stretched out my hand and reached, my fingers longing for a touch
A stroke, anything. something?
First came a distinct view of acquaintances,
then mentors,
followed by friends
But... they couldn't reach, why couldn't they reach?
They were so far, why were they so far?
I ask myself all the time, every time
Put your hand back in your pocket, and try again? No theres no use
Stop complaining you have 4 pairs of hands on your shoulder already
Why is it that you always want more?
This is your life, your hand, your pocket and only you can control it
So how will you chose to control it?
Please don't be mad, don't be sad, don't be a coward, have faith
It will come to you
Not today, not tomorrow, but one day
And that is my promise to you

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