My Prsion Door!

Who am I? I really don't know who my real self is, I have been locked up inside of myself with no way of escaping and no way to cry out for help either. Because my voice won't work and nobody can hear it, because it's buried really deep inside of me.
My real self has been locked up all my life, I never got to meet my real self. My family seen something inside of me that must have sacred them, because they was the ones who locked up my real self. They even gave me rules to obey and follow without asking any questions, the first rule I learned was 'you are not allowed to feel anything.'
It still sometimes feels like it applies even now, then the worst thing happened to me it was the day my prsion door was shut and locked forever. I can never escape it because I don't have the power, then I found out that it was only going to get even more horrible for me.
My family gave me a title that I don't want and I despise it whole heartily, that title is 'I'm a good girl who does what she's told.' I have tried to escape many times over the years but to no avail, they always found me and returned me to my prsion. Even now they still make sure that my prsion door is safely locked, I don't think my family wants me to become one with my real self.
I think their sacred of my real self that's why they locked her up, I can hear her screaming to be set free from my prsion door. The me everyone sees is really just a shell of my real self, that my family locked away and threw the key away.
I think their sacred that if my real self was set free, because they wouldn't be in control of me anymore. They wouldn't be able to manipulate me anymore either, like they have been doing to my shell of my real self all my life.
My family would lose their personal playtoy and that makes them sacred of my real self, if she ever got free of my prsion door that they locked her up in. By: Vera Rice

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This poem is about myself.