My Psalm

It was on the porch when he experienced it again. For years he had waited for the ever so tender tremble. Induced by some inner force that presented itself almost externally. That shiver, that soothed every leak-prone crevice that encompassed his co-morbid soul of skepticism and cynicism. It revoked his self-destructive ideologies of meaninglessness and self-desecration.

Perhaps the spirit of God, the one that he had believed drenched the fabric of his being in wisdom for so long, had once again crept through the cracks of his darkened heart.

Perhaps it was simpler than that.

Perhaps, all he was experiencing was joy.

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This Poems Story

I sat on my porch and had a surreal moment of peace and joy. It was similar to the feeling I attributed to the holy spirit when I was a Christian. I think its simpler than that now. I think I was just happy for the first time in a long time.