Come on in! you are invited to Pwindaykye located right here on the southern tip of the Island of St. Lucia, stepping out under the lush green cider trees into a world of mesmerizing beauty. A lonely cottage standing at the ready as if to say “Welcome Home” at the entrance to the field the sign reads welcome here travelers, a crisp cool breeze blowing from the East right into your face makes you think that you can taste the sea salt as it dampens your cheeks.
Behold a quarter-mile straight down inland the longhorns’ cattle, feeding on lofty sweet grass as the seagulls fly overhead, chirping an enchanting melody, only to be rival by the Ducks and Geese as they jockey for position to be fed by the old caretaker Safe.
Yonder to the West the bustling City lights of Vieux Fort come in to play as the huge boing jet 707 flies overhead making its way back to its home base.
Dusk is falling on Pwindaykye a specular display of magical lights sweeps through the point as the giant lighthouse on the hill next door, cast its lights towards the East protecting friend and foe to a safe harbor.
Come morning you will find Dewdrops scattered on the tall grass as they endeavored to take hold on the little soil covering the rocky pasture as if to say good morning, dear. Only the white feathers of the Albatross can be seen as they lay rested before taking their maiden flight.
Now Close your eyes, envision Pwindaykye, and let me join you in a midsummer night dream of wonder.

You in my heart you in my soul oh Pwindaykye, the place Grandma and Grandpa roam.

For Pwindaykye Poetry book six of Kenvil Atkins Lewis / Raw Energy Timeless poems.

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Key Words : Kenvil, Atkins, Caribbean, Love, Visitation, Angels

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Where water gush and fruit tree grew, honey bees without their stings, horses flying like eagles, well its time to get out of bead, visit my Pwindaykye.