My queen

I need you,
Your my drive,
My vision,
My fantasy,
My strength,
My council.

When i fall, you catch me.
When i'm lost,
You tell me where to go.
When i wanna stop,
I know ill never get to the end,
Ill never get you.

I need you,
In the throne right beside me,
Or i don't want the throne at all.
It would be pointless,
Without you.

I could still do it,
But its just not as good,
Its not the same.

I loose you,
I have no reason to proceed.
It would just be a hollow,
Empty win.

I wouldn't be able to fully enjoy it.
Take my heart,
My mind,
Drain the blood from my veins.
Ill still keep going.

To take you from me,
Is like to take the sun from the sky.
Your the reason i wake every morning.

Without you,
Id just stay asleep.
Let all of life pass me by.

So until its over,
Until the end,
Until i have you,
In the throne beside me.
For when where together the world is ours.

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