My Quiet Mornings

I love the quiet morning, as the sun peeks through the trees.
It brings a peace I can't describe that only God can see.

I love the whisper of the breeze, the dew beneath my feet.
I love the green grass that grows, the birds awakening from a sleep.

I love the scent of flowers, the soft breeze blows my way.
the feeling of serenity lasts me through the day.

I love the feel of sunshine caressing on my face,
it nourishes the things I love and fills me full of grace.

God gave us many things to love, my quiet mornings are the best,
I would not trade even one for all that I possess.

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This Poems Story

I am seventy-seven year young widow with three grown sons, seven grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. I love working outdoors, planting flowers, and feeding the birds. I am simple, humble, loyal, and very compassionate. My husband of fifty-four years loved the "quiet mornings" too. He would stand for moments on end, gazing at the beauty of the outdoors. He was in my thoughts, when I wrote this poem. All of my poetry depict the feelings in my heart. Some make me sad and other's give me peace. I love reading each one of them.