My Race

No time to slack
I have to watch my back
Because I am Black
Don’t wanna be run over like a dirt track
Must be like a movie
Just hoping they don’t shoot me
They say they are doing their duty
But they don't see it truly
We die by their hands
We can’t even make plans
It’s time to take a stand
Stop the violence...we demand
We have a voice and we use it
They have guns and abuse it
All this death im gonna lose it
In our minds we are ruthless
We are a nation under God
Now being black is a fraud
Us as a people have been robbed
Like Ahmaud Arbery...can I jog?
Or George Floyd...can I breathe?
Or Daniel Shaver…”don’t shoot please”
All this racial tension getting scary
RIP to Breonna Taylor and Hank Berry
We must unite and rise up
We are too old for this...we gotta GROW UP!
I can hear my ancestors saying “Speak Louder”!!!
Because in the End we have the Power.

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