My rare Love

Before you were ever created God knew one day you would arrive. He also knew the world in which you would exist. You see earth isnt perfect like heaven my dear, In fact things can get quite ugly down here. People can be cruel and not very understanding at all, striving for perfection and counting others flaws. Time gets taken for granted as everything is fast paced, and some never see the beauty in God's amazing Grace. Even as I write Im guilty of my own imperfections. Patience being one of them and the list goes on. But do you want to know a secret? God knew this all along. You see my Angel, you are quite rare and require a much special kind of need as well as extra love and care. As for me? Well I always knew in the depths of my soul that I was created to do something spectacular. That something I couldnt put in words or even fathom what it could be until now. Ultimately I am here to be your mother, but also the Lord knew we needed one another. He didnt just choose me to take care of you, he sent you here to help me too. Yes JoJo we go hand in hand. As i guide you, you help me understand. Help me understand that patience truly is a virtue. One through the years we will master because yes God knows through this journey its vital, and well in a world so fast paced its ok that alot of your milestones will take awhile. Even if you can't speak with your voice, I'll show you signing is also a choice. Youll teach me to live in the moment and I need not worry. We'll explore nature and let her tell us a story. Days even years we will struggle and sometimes we'll even fall. We look to God for that, He'll guide us through it all. So baby girl what I'm trying to say is: I am so beautifully blessed. For God knew you were special and he gave me his best. He knew my heart had more than enough love to give, and your existance is why i live.


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